2014: Feel Good, Be Good, and Do Good.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi –

The countdown to 2014 has begun! In mere hours, we will be ringing in the new year; spirits hopefully high, and goals set to try to make the upcoming year filled with success, health, love and accomplishments.

We make resolutions because we have a natural tendency towards self-improvement. We want the best for ourselves and the world we live in. However, too often our January 1st enthusiasm quickly falls by the wayside.  Sometimes, as soon as mid-January, our goals are abandoned completely.

Perhaps it’s time we change our perspective on setting New Year’s resolutions and focus on smaller ways to achieve a healthier and balanced daily life.

This year, in order to implement realistic, healthy, and sustainable change, this little lark wants to encourage you to go beyond your usual resolutions and instead  simply vow to intentionally feel good, be good, and do good. Without feeling extreme, overwhelming, or out of reach,  implementing attainable, daily intentions will help anchor that transformational change you wish to be in the world. 

Feel Good. What does feeling good mean to you? Exercising more? Spending more time with loved ones? Eating healthier foods? Instead of eliminating and going the “all or nothing” approach, simply try implementing the new with the old. Try a new vegetable with dinner or add 5 minutes of walking to each day you are active. With these small steps, our bodies are not inclined to resist change because it is not drastic. Over time, you will find these additional healthy new behaviors replacing your old habits and they are much more likely to stick. This does require some planning, so checking in with yourself and making time to set these daily intentions can help make you feel good in a maintainable and realistic way. 

Be Good. What if every day you made a pact with yourself to be a little bit better than the day before? How can you treat yourself and your loved ones better? Does this require more self-love? Spending more time with your family and friends? Starting a daily gratitude journal to offset negativity that lowers your quality of life? So many questions, but luckily you have all the answers! Now it’s time to search for them. : )

Do Good. Doing is a verb. In order to do good we must take action. Most of us are very busy and unable to volunteer all of our time to people and causes we believe in. However, this does not mean our help will be completely turned away.  Start with asking what can I do? Our communities, local organizations, families, friends, and neighbors are always in need whether it takes 1 or 100 hours of your time. From donating money, clothes, or food to local organizations to taking 1 day each week to help clean up your neighborhood, there is always good work to be done. Make a list of all the things you would like to do for the world around you. It starts with connecting and reaching out to see what you are capable of doing today and that leaves unlimited possibilities for tomorrow. 

The daily choices we make determine our health. Health determines our ability to be the change we wish to see in the world.  Feel good. Be good. Do good. Healthy 2014 to you and yours! 

3 thoughts on “2014: Feel Good, Be Good, and Do Good.

  1. Betsi says:

    Giving your time to others is selfishly rewarding, and has taught me more than any school program I’ve been in. We are blessed to have the ability to share and give what comes natural
    to us, and those receiving are truly happier. Happy New Year to all : -D

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