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Oh, Sundays. They can feel so blissful and sometimes they can feel so conflicting. It’s an interesting battle of the brain vs. heart. The brain shouting “you have to keep going!” while the heart whispers, “Hey, it’s OK. Why not just rest and see what comes from that?”

When I don’t have “a plan” for the day, I often have the feeling that I’m missing something, that I’m not doing enough, or I’m allowing precious time to pass as I sip my tea, surf the internet, or stare into space. It’s the feeling that should be saying “hey, it’s ok to unwind and recharge” but instead I notice it trying to feed me with guilt, telling me what I should be doing with my time off, highlighting the fact that I don’t have the energy or motivation, and in turn, feeling vacant and scattered.

I know I’m not alone in this and I also know I’m not the first person to reflect on it. But I do know it’s important to show these vulnerable times, to share these moments so we can connect on a level that surpasses the highlight reel of roses, sunshine, and accomplishments. Sometimes we have those moments, other times life is about laying in bed far too long, staring at the potential of the day, yet not having an ounce of motivation to even brush your hair. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it just means we’re human, and going against the grain of our go! go! go! (brain) culture is what contributes to this inner conflict when the heart is really asking the body to slow down.

I very much need the day to unfold organically, be gentle with my lack of direction, and allow myself to recharge and renew (guilt-free) for the busy week ahead. Other people will be climbing mountains, writing their memoirs, and attending that fancy art class today. I will be honoring my body’s needs and hopefully diffusing those feelings that are urging me to do more, because really, I do enough.

Moral of the story? Feel what you’re feeling, you do you. We are always enough, and when we continue to come back to this self-empowering phrase, “I am enough”, it really begins to settle in. Our heart’s whisper grows loud and clear, and we actually start to believe it when we hear “Hey, it’s OK…”

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  1. Kathie Beasley says:

    Thanks Colleen! Every Sunday, I go through the same thing. Balancing homework and spending time with friends/family, and the impeding threat of winter beckoning me to get outside. I constantly have to tell myself that it’s okay to be still and reflect. To be myself. As it turns out, I really like drinking tea and putzing around my sweet apartment. It’s in these moments that I am truly aware of how precious I am, which helps me to cultivate true self-love. Thanks for the post!

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